Engine Tune-Up

Your engine needs to be in top running condition to perform. Whether your engine needs a basic tune-up, fuel injection service, oil change, is leaking fluids, “Check Engine” light is on, or just isn’t running properly, we can provide the services to get your vehicle back to running like a top performer. We also perform computer diagnostics that covers anything from 1996 and newer, and the required repairs to get your car running properly again.

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Your brakes are vital to the safety to you, your passengers, and everyone around you. If you are in stop and go traffic every day, this puts excessive wear on your brakes, and they need to be serviced more often. It doesn’t matter if you require a basic brake service or want better stopping power…we can provide the best service and upgrades for your vehicle. We not only provide high quality, factory replacement parts, but also high-performance aftermarket brakes for those who want better stopping power.



Daily driving can be hard on your transmission, especially in extreme heat or cold. Your transmission fluid is vital to keeping your car moving. Whether it’s a manual transmission or automatic, we provide the basic service to drain, replace the filter (if applicable), and refill with quality fluids that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. Do you want to have your transmission shift more firm, we can do that too by using high quality, aftermarket shift improvement kits or via electronic programming (chip/programmer).

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Performance Upgrades

We specialize in performance! Whether you just want a little more power from your vehicle, or are looking for massive HP and TQ gains, we can help. Anything from basic bolt-on power increases to Turbocharger/Supercharger upgrades, Nitrous Oxide Systems, and computer tuning (chip or programmer), we can help. If you want your car to handle better, we can do that too! From simple upgraded suspension components to full suspension upgrades, lifted or lowered, we have the expertise to make sure your vehicle performs the way you want.

Performance Parts


The suspension of your vehicle is what keeps is driving smooth and safe down the road. Over time, your shocks or springs can wear out, along with other suspension components), that can cause poor handling, sloppy steering, and in severe cases – an accident. We handle anything from mild to wild; whether you want a more firm ride, lowered stance, lifted off-road vehicle, or just a basic suspension repair, it’s not a problem.

Project Vehicles

Custom Engine Build-Ups, Turbocharger installations, Supercharger Installations…Here are some project vehicles that we’ve built up.

Mopar Performance M1 Intake Manifold Installation

As many of you may know, the factory “Beer Barrel” intake manifold leaks and can cause a lot of issue with oil burning if not maintained properly.  One way is[…]

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2001 Dodge Dakota R/T Header Installation

The customer just wanted a better sound and a little more performance out of his truck.   JBA headers were installed. header

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1996 Dodge Ram 408 Engine Installation

This started out as a 5.9L Dodge Ram and wound up being a beast 408 CID (6.7L).   Yes, running the Mopar Performance cylinder heads as well, 52mm throttle body, MSD[…]

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2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

This started as a free vehicle (all stock). Modified with a cold air intake, Fastman throttle body, upgraded transmission from APS Precision, Zone Offroad 4″ lift kit, Rancho steering stabilizer,[…]

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2006 Dodge SRT10 Truck

2006 Dodge SRT10 “Viper” Truck While this wasn’t a true “Project” truck, the customer brought it to us with one cylinder leaking compression.   We upgraded it with a Mopar Performance[…]

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2008 VW GTI (MK5)

2008 VW GTI MK5 This is what happens when you take a stock (200HP) VW GTI and add 60HP to it.   Upgraded parts include:  ECS Tuning intake and intercooler piping,[…]

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Performance Automotive Tuning

American Muscle

Our lead technician has over 25 years of experience working on American cars, including Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep vehicles . He was an ASE certified technician and Dodge Viper Certified Specialist in the United States, and specialized in Engine Performance, Suspension, Electrical, and Computer diagnostics on American and Import vehicles. His work includes the basic services you may require for your vehicle, but also has vast experience with custom built engines, computer diagnostics and tuning, performance upgrades (superchargers, turbochargers, nitrous oxide systems included), and overall vehicle performance improvements. Combined with our standard services and body shop, your American Muscle cars will come out a show winner.

Cold Air Intakes, Chip/Programmer Tuning, Computer Diagnostics, Custom Engine Builds, Engine Performance Upgrades, Engine Tune‐Up & Fuel Injection Cleaning, Nitrous Oxide Systems, Supercharger Installations, Suspension Upgrades, Turbo Charger Installations

We also have an account with Summit Racing for all of your American Muscle Car and project needs.  Yes, we can order parts for you, a deposit is required for the parts orders though.  We normally recommend a waiting time of approximately 1-2 weeks (depending on the mail and customs service speed and mood).  

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