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Custom Performance Tuning for your American Vehicles

Mopar Performance M1 Intake Manifold Installation

As many of you may know, the factory “Beer Barrel” intake manifold leaks and can cause a lot of issue with oil burning if not maintained properly.  One way is to replace the gasket at the bottom of the manifold, the other….install a Mopar Performance M1 Intake manifold. Note:  Do NOT EVER reuse the factory…
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2001 Dodge Dakota R/T Header Installation

The customer just wanted a better sound and a little more performance out of his truck.   JBA headers were installed. header

1996 Dodge Ram 408 Engine Installation

This started out as a 5.9L Dodge Ram and wound up being a beast 408 CID (6.7L).   Yes, running the Mopar Performance cylinder heads as well, 52mm throttle body, MSD ignition booster, JBA headers, and a nice Crower Camshaft and rockers to compliment the setup.

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

This started as a free vehicle (all stock). Modified with a cold air intake, Fastman throttle body, upgraded transmission from APS Precision, Zone Offroad 4″ lift kit, Rancho steering stabilizer, and Rusty’s extended length control arms. All sitting on 2016 Wrangler rims with BFG All Terrains.

2006 Dodge SRT10 Truck

2006 Dodge SRT10 “Viper” Truck While this wasn’t a true “Project” truck, the customer brought it to us with one cylinder leaking compression.   We upgraded it with a Mopar Performance camshaft and improved head gaskets.   Yes, it was running Nitrous Oxide (200HP shot)

2008 VW GTI (MK5)

2008 VW GTI MK5 This is what happens when you take a stock (200HP) VW GTI and add 60HP to it.   Upgraded parts include:  ECS Tuning intake and intercooler piping, RaceChipsDE GTS programmer, ECS Tuning catch-can, ECS Tuning lower subframe brace, Neuspeed upper body brace, custom built Cold-Air intake, upgraded intercooler, ECS Tuning Turbo muffler…
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2001 Dodge Dakota R/T – Twin Turbocharged V8

2001 Dodge Dakota R/T We accomplished what no other shop was able to do.  We took a stock, 2001 Dodge Dakota R/T and turned it into a Twin-Turbocharged “Street Sleeper”.  Those who challenged us, didn’t know what hit them.   Using T3/T4 hybrid turbochargers, a liquid intercooler (with heat exchangers), Bell Industries Fuel Management Unit (FMU),…
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1997 Dodge Dakota Supercharged/Nitrous V6

1997 Dodge Dakota This project started as a work truck and turned into a 13-second V6 monster.   We started with a stock Dodge Magnum 3.9L V6 and added Carillo Rods, Keith Black 10:1 pistons, ARP Studs, a custom ground Crower Camshaft, Mopar Performance 1.7:1 Roller rocker arms, Crower Pushrods, Cloyes True-Roller Dbl-row timing chain (and…
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