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Custom Performance Tuning for your American Vehicles

2006 Dodge SRT10 Truck

2006 Dodge SRT10 “Viper” Truck While this wasn’t a true “Project” truck, the customer brought it to us with one cylinder leaking compression.   We upgraded it with a Mopar Performance camshaft and improved head gaskets.   Yes, it was running Nitrous Oxide (200HP shot)

1997 Dodge Dakota Supercharged/Nitrous V6

1997 Dodge Dakota This project started as a work truck and turned into a 13-second V6 monster.   We started with a stock Dodge Magnum 3.9L V6 and added Carillo Rods, Keith Black 10:1 pistons, ARP Studs, a custom ground Crower Camshaft, Mopar Performance 1.7:1 Roller rocker arms, Crower Pushrods, Cloyes True-Roller Dbl-row timing chain (and…
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